ABC Countdown for Week of May 9-13 & Summer Birthdays!

Our ABC Countdown continues!!

Here are this week’s activities:

Monday, May 9th: Letter N: Next Year, We Are 1st Graders!  We will visit first grade classrooms.

Tuesday, May 10th: Letter O: Outside Day.  We will learn outside.

Wednesday, May 11th: Letter P: Purple & Popcorn Day!  Wear purple!  We will enjoy a popcorn snack.

Thursday, May 12th: Letter Q: Quiet Day.  Bring a book to share.

Friday, May 13th: Letter R: Relay Day!  We will have relay races!

Monday, May 16th: Letter S: Sunglasses Day! Wear your sunglasses to school.


Summer Birthdays!

Several children in our class have summer birthdays: Jashiya, Brizen, Gabriel, Chester, Arnold & Kayla.  In order to give them each their own special day, we will designate a day in May that will serve as their “early birthday”.  Families of these children are welcome to send in cupcakes/ cookies on their “early birthdays”, just as other children do on their birthdays!  Birthdays will be celebrated on the following days:

May 11th: Arnold

May 13th: Kayla

May 16th: Jashiya

May 18th: Chester

May 20th: Gabriel

May 23rd: Brizen

We look forward to giving them a special day!