Week of August 22-26

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We have snack time every day around 3:00pm.  Please try to send nutritious snacks if possible, such as fruit, cereal, granola bars, goldfish, crackers, etc.  If your child brings candy or soda, he/ she will not be allowed to have it for snack.  If you would like to send in snacks for the whole class, you are more than welcome!  Please try to send peanut-free items, as we have a student with a peanut allergy.  Thank you! 🙂

Please remember to send a complete change of clothes for your child.  Even if your child does not typically have accidents, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Also, we never know when there might be spills or illnesses!

Kindergarten homework will begin the week of August 29th.

Please remember to have your child wear tennis shoes on Wednesdays for P.E.!

Fundations & Star Students

Fundations is a new reading program at Bowling Green Elementary School this year.  In Kindergarten, it provides systematic, daily instruction on skills such as: letters/ letter sounds, handwriting, comprehension skills, phonics/ word study, vocabulary, and spelling.  We will begin this week by learning the letters/ sounds for T, B, and F.  We will also begin working on handwriting and comprehension skills.

We also spend part of our reading block on Star Student activities for the first 5 weeks of school.  Each day, I randomly choose a child’s name out of a bag.  That student is the Star Student of the day.  Children are always fascinated by their names, and we spend time learning to recognize each other’s names.  We learn the Star Student’s name by doing a “name cheer”, making the name with magnetic letters, writing the name, and drawing detailed pictures of the Star Student.  Every child will have the opportunity to be the Star Student!