Week of September 26-30

I will be at a training at school on Wednesday, September 28thWhile I will be in the school building, I will not be in my classroom all day.  A substitute will be there instead.  This is the last training!

The BGE Color Run is on Thursday, September 29th (which is also my birthday!).  Kindergarten will be participating from 11:30am-12:00pm.  Due to anonymous donations, our entire class will be participating!  Please send in a change of clothes for your child on this dayjust in case!!

PALS Testing for all Kindergarten students will take place from September 26 – October 7.  PALS stands for Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening.  It is a series of assessments that help us to determine if the students possess reading readiness skills. 

These skills include alphabet recognition, beginning letter sounds (in isolation), beginning letter sounds (with pictures), rhyming words, spelling (being able to blend letter sounds to spell 3-letter words), and concept of word (sight words, as well as the ability to recognize what a word is & that long words have more letters than short words.)  These concepts may seem very simple, but they are important.  We DO NOT expect the children to be ready to read this early in the school year.  The PALS test gives us a comprehensive view of where each child is and what skills they need to learn.