Week of Nov. 28-Dec. 2 & The Gingerbread Unit!!


Our gingerbread unit is quite a big endeavor.  Therefore, it will run through December and into the first week of January.  The tale of the gingerbread man is actually a folk tale that is not related to the holidays at all!  In this way, it is the perfect unit to do during winter, as it celebrates the holidays (with our many gingerbread activities), but does not focus specifically on Christmas.

We will read almost 20 different versions of the gingerbread tale.  We will do many comprehension activities in which we retell the story using popsicle stick puppets, sequence the story, and make different kinds of gingerbread people.  The unit lends itself to an amazing amount of learning, and the children always love it!  Each week, we will focus on 3-4 different gingerbread books.  I look forward to having a wonderful time with the children!

This week, we will create popsicle sticks to retell the gingerbread man story.  We will also taste gingerbread men & create a graph showing where we took our first bite!  


Thank you to the parents who sent in food for our Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast!  We had a great time, and the children did a wonderful job using their manners and trying new foods!  🙂

Please remember to wear sneakers on Wednesdays for P.E.!