January 17-20

All Week: Midyear PALS Testing

Friday, Jan. 20th: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Awards Assembly, 10am; College Day!

Wednesday, Jan. 25th: 100th Day of School!

If your child is receiving an award at the Kindergarten/ 1st Grade Awards Assembly, you received a letter with your child’s report card.  The Awards Assembly is on Friday, January 20th in the Community Center Auditorium!

I will not be meeting with Reading Groups during Midyear PALS Testing.  All student who scored 40 or below on Fall PALS will take Midyear PALS.

As the weather has turned colder, please make sure that your child wears a winter coat to school so that they can play outside at Recess.  If it is below 45 degrees, I usually don’t take the children outside.