Week of February 6-10

Saturday, Feb. 4th: Channing’s 6th Birthday & Lydia’s 6th Birthday!

Sunday, Feb. 5th: Emerson’s 6th Birthday!

Wednesday, Feb. 8th: Olivia’s 6th Birthday & Anya’s 6th Birthday!

Thursday, Feb. 9th: Syhara’s 6th Birthday!

Friday, Feb. 10th: Donuts with Dad, 9am; Teddy Bear Day in Mrs. Peacemaker’s Class!

Please remember to wear sneakers on Wednesdays for P.E.!

As the weather has turned colder, please make sure that your child wears a winter coat to school so that they can play outside at Recess.  If it is below 45 degrees, I usually don’t take the children outside.