Weeks of May 15-24

Birthdays & Special Events!

Monday, May 15th: Letter S: Sunglasses Day!  Connor’s early 6th birthday!

Tuesday, May 16th: Letter T: Team t-shirt Day! 

Wednesday, May 17th: Letter U: Under the Desk Day!  Cristal’s early 6th birthday!

Thursday, May 18th: Letter V: Very Special Show & Tell! 

Friday, May 19th: Letter W: Kindergarten Water Day!  Jashiya’s early 7th birthday!

Monday, May 22nd: Letter X: BGE’s Extreme Carnival (Kindergarten 9:00-10:30am)

Tuesday, May 23rd: End-of-Year Kindergarten Class Party, 2:00pm

Wednesday, May 24th: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!



We are running low on baby wipes & Clorox wipes, so any donations are much appreciated! 🙂

Thursday, May 18th is Very Special Show & Tell Day!  Each child is allowed to bring in one item for a special Show-and-Tell.  

Our End-of-Year Class Party will be on Tuesday, May 23rd at 2:00pm.  Each child will receive a Kindergarten diploma and a special award.  Families are welcome!!