Week of September 18-22

In Reading, we typically work on many SOLs at one time, as they all build on one another.

Shared Reading Books: Where the Wild Things Are & Fall Books

Literacy Activities:  We will roll and trace letters.  We will spin and write names with different crayons.  We will write school words located around the room.  We will illustrate our favorite part of a shared reading book.  We will sort pictures by beginning sounds.


Unit 1:

Week 1: Letters/ Sounds for T, B, F  

Week 2: Letters/ Sounds for M & N

Week 3: Letters/ Sounds for I & U

Week 4: Letters/ Sounds for C & O  

Week 5: Letters/ Sounds for A & G







Rainbow Sight Words:

Red Words: I, see, red, a, my, yellow, we, is, orange, at

Orange Words: can, black

Writing Journals: We will practice writing our first names, writing the date, writing color words, and drawing pictures to match the words.  We will begin labeling pictures.

Poetry Journals: We use poetry journals to learn concept of word, identify sight words and rhyming words, and to practice tracking print.  We also use poetry journals to practice building sentences and reading them.

This week’s poem: Five Little Firemen

Poems we have learned:

  • I See
  • My Family


Additional Books We Are Reading: 

  • The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!
  • Autumn’s First Leaf
  • The Pigeon Needs a Bath
  • Colorful Leaves
  • Leaves
  • I Know It’s Autumn
  • Autumn Leaves
  • The Biggest Leaf Pile
  • The Silly Scarecrow
  • When the Leaf Blew In
  • Leaf Jumpers
  • Animals in the Fall

Reading Groups:  

Yellow Ducks:  We will practice identifying letters of the alphabet, writing our names, and counting letters.  We will also sort letters.

Green Frogs:  We will practice identifying letters of the alphabet.  We will sort letters.  We will practice tracking print and touching words as we read them.

Blue Dogs:  We will sort pictures by beginning sound.  We will practice tracking print and reading sentences from a familiar story.

Purple Fish:  We will sort pictures by beginning sound.  We will sort sight words and find sight words in a familiar text.