Week of May 15-19

In Reading, we typically work on many SOLs at one time, as they all build on one another.

Shared Reading Books: Books about Ocean Animals

Literacy Activities:  We will create shark pictures and write about them.  We will create a sea turtle and write facts about sea turtles.  We will create hermit crabs from a shared reading book.  


Unit 1:

Week 1: Letters/ Sounds for T, B, F

Week 2: Letters/ Sounds for M & N

Week 3: Letters/ Sounds for I & U

Week 4: Letters/ Sounds for C & O

Week 5: Letters/ Sounds for A & G

Week 6: Letters/ Sounds for D & S

Week 7: Letters/ Sounds for E & R

Week 8: Letters/ Sounds for P & J

Week 9: Letters/ Sounds for L, H, K

Week 10: Letters/ Sounds for V & W

Week 11: Letters/ Sounds for X & Y.  

Week 12: Letters/ Sounds for Q & Z.

Unit 2:

Week 1: We will learn how to “tap” letter sounds to read 3-letter short /a/ words, such as cap, fat, cat, gap.

Week 2: We will change 1 letter in short vowel words to make a new word.  We will continue tapping words!

Week 3: We will change 1 letter in short vowel words to make a new word.  We will “tap” short /i/ words.

Week 4: We will change 1 letter in short vowel words to make a new words.  We will “tap” short /a/ and short /i/ words.

Unit 3:

Weeks 1 & 2: We will practice alphabetical order.  We will tap sounds to read word & spell words.  We will play an ending sound Bingo game.  

Weeks 3, 4, 5 & 6: We will practice alphabetical order.  We will tap sounds to read & spell words.  We will use objects to sound out words.  We will build and read nonsense words.  

Unit 4:

Week 1: We will be introduced to the 5 digraphs: Ch, Th, Sh, Wh, and Ck.  We will begin learning to build and spell words with digraphs.  We will tap sounds to read & spell short vowel words.  

Weeks 2, 3 & 4: We will learn to underline the digraph in short vowel words to show that they make one sound.  We will read and spell short vowel words with digraphs.

Unit 5:

We will practice reading and “scooping” sentences.  We will practice changing one word in a sentence to create a new sentence.  We will begin writing dictated sentences.



Rainbow Sight Words:

  • Red Sight Words: I, see, red, a, my, yellow, we, is, orange, at
  • Orange Sight Words: can, black, go, to, brown, an, me, white, am, it, green, one
  • Yellow Sight Words: like, pink, and, the, gray, two, in, blue, three, here, be, four
  • Green Sight Words: will, are, for, but, that, have, play, no, you, said, do, where
  • Blue Sight Words: not, up, away, come, with, down, on, she, funny, find, he, did, look
  • Indigo Sight Words: run, jump, help, all, big, little, they, make, eat, good, this, what, who, was
  • Purple Sight Words: ate, purple, came, get, into

Writing Journals: The Yellow Ducks & Green Frogs will write 1-2 sentences.  The Blue Dogs & Purple Fish groups will write 2-3 sentences.  This week, we will write about our favorite rainforest animals.  We will also write a letter to Ms. Jones!

Poetry Journals: We use poetry journals to learn concept of word, identify sight words and rhyming words, and to practice tracking print.  We also use poetry journals to practice building sentences and reading them.

This week’s poem: 

Poems we have learned:

  • Little Arabella Stiller
  • My Garden
  • Spring
  • Winds of March
  • Little Leprechaun
  • I Will Read!
  • I Love My Flag
  • I Like Hearts
  • Polar Bear Boogie
  • I’m a Little Penguin
  • I’m a Little Snowman
  • Santa is Coming
  • I’m a Little Reindeer
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Thanksgiving Time is Here
  • Mr. Turkey
  • I Like
  • Mr. Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Fall Leaves
  • A Silly, Slippery Snake
  • Go, Go, Go!
  • Picking Apples
  • Jack and Jill
  • Five Little Firemen
  • I See
  • My Family 


Additional Books We Are Reading: 

  • I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
  • Commotion in the Ocean
  • Shark in the Dark
  • Sharks
  • Ocean Babies
  • Tropical Fish
  • Deep Sea Creatures
  • Sea Turtles
  • A House for Hermit Crab
  • Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea
  • Seamore the Very Forgetful Porpoise
  • Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark
  • Rainbow Fish

Reading Groups:  

Yellow Ducks: 

Green Frogs: 

Blue Dogs:  

Purple Fish: